Tandem Flights

A tandem flight is the only way to experience the thrill of paragliding without having to learn how to fly. You, as the passenger can sit back and enjoy the ride while our fully qualified professional pilots take care of the rest.
Average flights last about 30 minutes and cost £100
Although we are based in Gloucestershire we travel to the Isle of wight for tandem flights as it is a very constant beautiful flying area.
Sometimes we might have to wait for the conditions to be right so the whole experience could be 2-3 hours in length, so please allow us this time and bring some warm cloths and sturdy footwear.
Paragliding is a weather dependent sport so we do have to have the right conditions to fly. It is for this reason we ask people to be flexible with their tandem bookings as sometimes we have to re schedule the flight due to the weather conditions.


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