Ascent paragliding is proud to announce that we are running a SIV course this coming May in conjunction with Redbull athlete, professional acro pilot and SIV course instructor Veso Ovcharov.

The course will run from 4 -11th. May 

Course Price:

Option 1: 1020 Euros
The SIV course fee is 790 Euros + 230 Euros for accommodation at a great fully equipped hotel, very close to the beach, own room unless specified you want to share. Breakfast included and transport to and from the airport.

Option 2 : 790 Euros
Just the SIV course fee of 790 Euros and you will sort out your own accommodation, flights and transfers. There are a few travel providers which offer package deals with flights to Ouldeniz.

A 250 Euro deposit will be required upon booking to secure your place on the course. Full payment needs to be made a minimum 4 weeks before course date.

Included in the SIV: 

  • SIV tuition with Red Bulls Veso Ovcharov
  • Personal 1-2-1 de-briefs of your flights with Veso
  • Life vest
  • Rescue boat on the water at all times while you are flying
  • Radio bag (Personal 2M radio required)
  • Transport to take off
  • 4 days of SIV Training
  • At least 2 runs a day – more if you are keen.
  • The footage from your flights – Free of charge

Not included in the SIV:

  • Forestry tax ( ruffly £3 dependent on exchange)

Included in the course price option 2: 

  • Transport to and from the airport (reliant on making the transfer time )
  • Accommodation including breakfast
  • Guiding and further development on the spare days ( forestry tax and uplift not included )

Who is the course for

Whether this is your first SIV course or you are looking to advance your handling and control we will be covering the basics and then moving onto more advanced maneuvers if you are capable and willing.

The course is tailored made and molded to the individual pilot requirements – so you don’t need to worry about your skill set being pushed beyond what you are comfortable with.
Each pilot will have a consultation with one of the team to find out what you maneuvers you want to focus on.

The pilot will then be re-briefed on launch before every flight, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the task which you are performing.

Maneuver outline

SIV Tasks

  • Asymmetric collapses
  • Symmetric collapses (full frontal)
  • Accelerated Asymmetric collapses
  • Accelerated Symmetric collapses
  • B-line stalls
  • Full stall
  • Spin

Freestyle moves (optional and dependent on ability)

  • Big Wing-overs
  • Loops
  • SATs
  • Asymmetric SATs
  • Heli

What you will need:

  • A suitable harness – preferably the one which you fly on the average day. The harness need to have at least one reserve container and back protection.
  • A reserve system that has been checked and repacked within the last 12 months
  • A 2M radio with band capability of 144.000MHz – 146.000MH
  • A glider that is airworthy and suitable for purpose. Again ideally the glider you fly on a regular flying day

The weeks proposed time line

  • Day 1 Arrival and kit inspection
  • Kit inspection at 1700 at the hotel. If this is missed due to late arrival we can set a time the next morning to complete these vital checks.
  • Meeting time for the next day set dependent on forecast (normally) 0830
  • Day 2 Full introduction to SIV & SIV flights
  • Full briefing on the flying area and SIV briefing on what to expect from the course, maneuvers and emergency procedure.
  • Head up the mountain where you will then be re-briefed on conditions and what you are doing on that flight.
  • Video debrief in the evening.
  • Day 3, 4 5 SIV flights
  • 0830 meet. morning briefing, SIV flight, debrief, re-brief, SIV flight.
  • Video debrief in the evening.
  • Day 6 & 7 Free flying
  • If the weather has been excellent as it normally is in Ouldeniz and we have not had to use any of the reserve days, we will be doing some free flying around the valley. There will also be the option to test fly some Icaro wings:
    Specifically the Xenus and the Buteo XC.

If you have more questions or need more info please email and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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